Galvanic Facial- 60 minute treatment £45

Facial Cleanse

This treatment starts with a deep facial clean using Nu Skin Lumispa. Lumispa is an electric skin cleansing device with a silicone head which pulses and vibrates to removes dirt and bacteria from clogged pours and thoroughly exfoliates the skin. The device is paired with a purifying cream and warm water which leaves your skin feeling instantly fresh, soft and smooth.


The Galvanic Treatment

After the skin has been cleaned, Libby will apply a smoothing gel to the skin which contains sea kelp, vanilla and marigold. Then using a negative current on the Galvanic device, Libby will gently massage the skin using circular motions. The gel will be removed then Libby will employ a second, gel vial. This second gel contains magnesium for cellular turnover, arginine which improves circulation and an anti-aging ingredient called age loc. This time the skin will be massaged with a positive charge on the Galvanic device.  The different charges and beneficial gels are carried into the deeper layers of the skin and concentrated there.

Some more information about Galvanic – Galvanic skin treatments are used to achieve multiple skin benefits such as stimulating cell metabolism, promoting blood circulation, softening up pores and activating enzymes. The treatment is provided using a handheld device which exercises mild electric currents consisting of positive and negative ions to refresh and stimulate the skin. This is described as a “non-surgical facelift” and results include smoothed out wrinkles, tightened muscles and nourished skin. It is extremely safe, painless and delivers long-lasting results for every skin type.


Once the Galvanic treatment has been applied Libby will then provide a deeply relaxing massage over the face, neck, shoulders and upper back. This will last about 20 minutes.

Face Mask and Galvanic Cream

Another cleanse of the face will be carried out followed by the application of a face mars. Libby will use a mask which is tailored to your individual skincare needs. While the face mask is working its magic, enjoy a rejuvenating scalp or foot or hand massage. The mask will then be removed and Libby will cleanse the skin again before applying a Galvanic line corrector cream and using the Galvanic device, Libby will massage this product into the skin for about 5 minutes.


To Finish

The cherry on top of this treatment, Libby will apply a Nutriol eyelash and eyebrow treatment. This product thickens and strengthens your lashes and brows, then finish this all off with a lip pumping balm, leaving you with full and glossy lips.

Other Facial treatments available:
Radiance Boost Facial – 45mins £35

Perfect for sensitive skin, we use Kaolin powder which naturally detoxes, smooths & softens skin, helping to reduce redness, dark areas & leaving a radiant glow.

Deep Cleansing Facial – 45mins £35

Ideal for acne prone skin, this facial is tailored exactly to your skin type & needs. Skin is deeply cleansed and rejuvenated.

Uplifting Facial – 45mins £35

This facial promotes anti-ageing using renowned collagen boosting ingredients. Skin is left deeply cleansed, dark circles are reduced and your skin is left glowing.

Making an appointment

Please contact Libby to make an appointment, she is very flexible and will do her utmost to see you at a time that suits you.
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