Salt Therapy Testimonials

Read what other people have to say about salt cave therapy

Read what others have had to say about salt therapy. The links below contain a wealth of anecdotal evidence in support of salt therapy. Simply select a condition from below to view relevant testimonials. Please note that these testimonials are from people who have visited “salt caves” from around the world, not just Little Himalaya. The original sources for all of these testimonials can be found here. These links include many hundreds more reviews from countless people who have benefited from salt therapy, not included on this site.

As ever increasing numbers of customers enjoy salt sessions at Little Himalaya, in the near future we hope to be able to provide more and more feedback from people regarding the impact of salt therapy upon their condition(s). As a new business, it is initially quite hard to guage the benefit of the service we offer due to the small sample size- it is only once we have built up a large number of customers who have attended regularly that we can properly start to analyse the true impact of what the sessions are providing.
We can provide free spirometry testing at Little Himalaya to enable clients to monitor their own progress with regard to certain respiratory conditions such as COPD. This allows people to obtain more tangible results over time, which can be very valuable where paired with more general feelings of wellbeing and health.
For other conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema, for example, tangible results can be obtained by the taking of regular photographs over time. There are also ways to measure improved sleep, fitness, etc that can be performed by clients. Our hope is that clients will frequently report back to us with their findings in order that we have more anecdotal evidence to help support the use of salt therapy.