Read testimonials from people who have turned to salt cave therapy to boost their fitness levels.

“I’m a keen runner and I am always looking at ways to get that little ‘edge’. Having been for a session, I can already say that your salt cave might give me just that. I’ll be back!” -Visited Little Himalaya January 2017

Barry C, Kenilworth

I’m hoping salt therapy with Little Himalaya will improve my lung capacity and help my swimming times. I’ve had one session so far and I’m sure that I’m breathing better already!

Christine, Leicester

“My lung capacity seems to be noticeably improved these days, having visited a salt cave on and off over the last year or so (probably been 15-20 times in total). I am a competitive swimmer and have been seeking alternative therapies to help with mild Asthma and breathing issues. I feel the salt has definitely helped me and I know of others too.”

Jamie, Stratford-Upon-Avon


Improving Your Respiratory Health Can Have a Great Impact On Fitness.

“I visited the salt cave at Little Himalaya to accompany my brother who suffers from respiratory issues. It seemed to help him a little but what I didn’t bargain on was the benefits to me. I decided to go back on my own several times after enjoying the first session immensely, and I am truly feeling that salt therapy is working for me. Not sure if it’s just given me more energy or what, it’s hard to describe, I just feel……”better”!

John, Evesham

“This place is the best! I first noticed real improvements after about half a dozen sessions. The main thing I felt was a significant increase in my stamina….my lungs just felt so much ‘stronger’ and able to cope with hard workouts (I run long distances a lot). Now I’m barely using my inhaler any more- if you’d told me that a few months ago I would have called you crazy!¬†Oh and My sinus infection has cleared up almost completely too. Honestly can’t praise salt therapy highly enough!”

Ashton, Nottingham

Quite a few of my fellow swimming club members have undertaken salt room sessions over recent months in order to improve their lung capacity, with a few of them reporting positive results. I’m hoping to see similar benefits once I’ve tried it myself. I’ve heard sports people can really benefit from this natural treatment.

Talya, Leamington Spa