Testimonials- Energy

Salt cave therapy can increase energy levels, people share their experiences here.

“More easily able to climb stairs now. Would thoroughly recommend.”


30th May 2017

I’ve suffered with lethargy for as long as I can remember and tried many, many different things to help. I’d been reading an article in the newspaper about this new ‘salt cave’ craze, and how the therapy has apparently helped people with many conditions, including benefitting the bodies energy systems. I don’t really understand the science behind it but I thought I’d go to Kenilworth to give their new salt cave a go. After 2 sessions I already feel more energised. I might just be imagining it but I think I’m going to book in for further sessions anyway, it certainly can’t hurt and it’s also a very relaxing way to spend 45 minutes of my day!

Ken, Coventry

Little Himalaya seems to have given my energy levels a much needed boost. I’d never even heard of a salt cave before but now I will be spreading the word. Thank you.

Alison, Kenilworth

My brother suggested salt therapy to me as a means for helping with my recent low energy levels. I must say that I feel revitalised since going to salt cave sessions over the last couple of weeks. It’s obviously hard to pin point the exact reason but I’m hoping it’s due to the salt as I want a reason to keep going!

Martin, Rugby

With as much certainty as I can give, I feel that salt therapy treatment has been of much help to not only me, but my partner too. We both suffer fromĀ mild fatigue issues and these sessions have started to turn things around for us. We notice the improvement in each other on an almost daily basis now. We are both sleeping better too which can obviously only be of help to our energy levels, whether the salt is to thank of this I cannot possibly know. All I do know is that we are reaping the dividends of sticking with this therapy over the last few months. From two happy customers.

Darren & Sue, Coventry

A good experience that I would recommend to others. I’ve had four sessions now and I do seem to have a bit more energy and ‘life’ about me. I only wish the sessions lasted longer as I feel that relaxed during them that I don’t want to leave!

Alwyn, Leicestershire

I’d never even heard of salt therapy a few weeks ago and it was only upon the advice of a colleague that I decided to look into it. I’ve felt extremely fatigued for months now and not been able to get to the bottom of it, so I’ve been trying everything I can to help the situation. Salt therapy seems to have given me a bit of a lift that I haven’t found elsewhere- I am finding it a little easier to rouse myself in the mornings and although I still have a lot of bad days, the ‘good’ ones seem to be happening more frequently now.

Charlie, Oxford

My energy levels have improved a bit since starting halotherapy last month. In addition, my skin feels clearer and is brighter looking. My sister’s Eczema was helped by this therapy so I’m not totally surprised by this benefit.

Sandra, Stratford-Upon-Avon

My energy levels have been low for some time now and I have resorted to seeking new ways of remedying the situation. Salt therapy was right down the list to be honest but I’m tempted to say that it does actually seem to be working for me. I paid for a batch of 5 sessions and having had my fourth one yesterday, I do feel like I am slowly beginning to feel like my old self again.

Jeremy, Evesham