Testimonials- Allergies

Testimonials from people who have used salt cave therapy to aid the relief of allergy symptoms.

I have too many allergies to mention, notably my hayfever which is at times unbearable. I’ve visited a few salt caves in the past for halotherapy sessions but they have always involved a lot of travelling. The nearest one to me was over an hour away. We now have a salt cave in Warwickshire and I’m so pleased. I wholeheartedly recommend Little Himalaya to anyone who is considering salt therapy, it takes a few sessions to really notice the benefit, but the results are very much real.

Marnie B, Bedworth

Massive improvement in my allergy symptoms since starting salt therapy a few months ago. Took me a while to notice the benefit, but it’s undeniable now. Seems to be having some positive impact on other areas such as my skin too which is great.

Becca, Birmingham

I actually visited a genuine salt cave many years ago on a trip to Eastern Europe, whilst there I was told that the old salt cave miners in those countries never used to suffer from the same respiratory problems that afflict the western world because of salt’s anti inflammatory properties. I must admit that after I’d been myself, my breathing did seem much better and in the following days my various allergies (of which I have many!) appeared not to affect me as badly.

Little Himalaya has now opened near to me and I have taken the opportunity to experience the magic of a salt cave again. In fact I have been three times so far and have not been disappointed- I am experiencing exactly the same improvements that I did all those years ago, only this time I can keep going as I don’t have to travel 3000 miles to get the benefit.

Roy, Sutton Coldfield

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44% of British adults now suffer from at least one allergy

“Fab experience- friendly staff and an extremely relaxing environment. I think your cave is slowly starting to help with my hay fever too.” – Visited Little Himalaya January 2017

Brenda, Warwickshire

“I believe Kenilworth’s new salt cave has been beneficial for my allergies. My symptoms are nowhere near as pronounced as before and I fully intend to keep visiting.”

Penny, West Midlands

“Regular visits to Little Himalaya appear to be making a difference to my allergy symptoms. I am no longer suffering to the same extent as I was a few months ago. I’ve had about 7 or 8 sessions so far but started noticing something after half that number. Will keep going without a doubt as my allergies cause me so much misery and despair when in full flow.”

Victoria, Gloucester

I have had a number of sessions at the Little Himalaya Salt Cave in Warwickshire and I can feel a genuine benefit from the halotherapy treatments. As a added bonus, their salt room is utterly relaxing….I tend to fall asleep most sessions!

Clarence, Stoneleigh