Testimonials- Cold & Flu

Salt cave testimonials from cold and flu sufferers

Every January I seem to come down with a very heavy cold or full blown flu. My friend suggested Little Himalaya Salt Cave as she’d heard about it just opening in Kenilworth and had read a few articles about the benefits of salt therapy online. I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised with my first visit. I’m not sure if it’s made any difference to my flu yet- its only been one session though- but I really enjoyed the whole experience anyway. Immensely relaxing atmosphere which made me fall asleep within minutes. The staff were nice and helpful too so that was a bonus. I’ll probably return when I have some free time.

Janet Parkinson, Coventry

“Had flu so hoping it will help clear my head. Looking forward to returning.”


Historically, the new year is awful for me in terms of catching a heavy cold. I never seem to escape it. As soon as I felt this year’s one coming on, I decided to pay Little Himalaya a visit to see if it would help, as a family member had been “bigging” up his local salt cave just recently. I loved the first session that much that I went back twice more in the same week….and I seem to be benefitting- still got a bit of a sniffle but that’s nothing compared to previous years. I am sure the salt is helping me.

Jack, Warwickshire

My flu cleared up in half the time it would usually take, could be a complete co-incidence or perhaps its due to the salt cave in Kenilworth that I’ve been going to for the last 3 weeks. Let’s hope its the latter because I enjoy my sessions there immensely.

Catherine, Midlands

Salt caves have impacted my life tremendously! I suffer with extremely bad asthma which often means I am in hospital. However, this salt cave has helped with my breathing. It’s calming and tranquil.  I love it.

Caroline, Stratford

I found myself in hospital countless times. I could’nt get a cold without having to go to the hospital. I noticed some sort of improvment after this week, but after having 10 session I felt like my old self again!! I don’t really get coughs and colds anymore! I can’t praise salt therapy enough. It has changed my life.


Chest infections are the bane of my life and they seem to last for weeks every time. The salt cave at Little Himalaya is near to where I work so I booked an initial session. Not only do I feel that the salt session helped my chest (the infection seemed to clear up faster than usual), but the room was an absolute joy to be in for the 45 minute session. The walls are covered in Himalayan salt blocks with lights glowing through them. Together with the gentle wave sounds playing through the speakers, I found the whole experience incredibly relaxing and I’d be tempted to go there simply to chill out for a while!

Mark N, Warwick

“I’ve absolutely loved my first visit, so so relaxing and therapeutic. I was amazed! Great staff too. Two thumbs up guys!” – Visited Little Himalaya November 2016

Anthony, Bedworth

I’ve racked up half a dozen sessions at Little Himalaya salt cave now and I can honestly feel a difference to my body. I started going to salt therapy to help with a skin condition, then unfortunately I came down with a chest infection a couple of weeks ago. However, unlike previous infections, it has already completely cleared up- that never happened so quickly before and I can only assume that it’s due to the salt therapy. Oh yes, and my skin is slowly but surely improving as well.

Connor, Warwickshire

Salt therapy is great because the tiny particles of salt get into your lungs and they have really good anti-bacterial properties. I’d say about 15 mins I really started to breather easier. After the whole session I felt more relaxed and revived. I have told all my friends about this amazing therapy because I really believe in it!

Debra, Kenilworth

Great success. Chest is now much better!

Stephanie Smythe

This is amazing. Nothing has helped me as much as salt therapy.

Harry, Warwickshire

I found it hard to shake a recent heavy cold, but the salt cave sessions seemed to speed up recovery. I was given the sessions as a gift but I would return as a paying customer if the salt can work its magic on me again!

Bernadette, Wellesbourne