Testimonials- Cough

Cough sufferers share their experiences of salt cave therapy.

My persistent cough is frustrating beyond belief and I was recommended salt therapy by a work colleague. I’d never been to a salt cave before but I really enjoyed my first trip to Little Himalaya. Time will tell if it makes a real difference to my cough but I found the whole salt cave experience very relaxing and enjoyable. They don’t allow devices like phones and ipads in the room which I think is a great idea as it almost forces you to relax. 10/10.

Katie W, Kenilworth

“My cough was noticeably better after just two sessions with you guys. Highly recommended.” – Visited Little Himalaya December 2016

Clare D

I must have tried a million different things over the past few years to help with my long-term cough. I used to be a heavy smoker when I was younger but I haven’t smoked now for over 10 years, however unfortunately the cough that it left me with hasn’t let up. It’s affected my sleeping (its worse when I’m lying down) and many other aspects of my life- I feel like I can’t even go to the cinema as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else. Nothing has really helped despite a few treatments that appeared promising to begin with. I know the guy who founded the Little Himalaya salt cave in Kenilworth and he seemed convinced that it would help me as it had helped him personally.

Despite what Richard told me I went in with no real expectations as firstly, nothing else has worked for me, and secondly I’d never heard of halotherapy treatment before. I’ve now been a handful of times since it opened at the end of last year and I swear on my life that salt therapy has already surpassed anything else that I’ve tried. My cough has been around for years and I’m not stupid enough to think that anything is going to make it disappear like magic but I am 100% convinced that my sessions have made a difference. Funnily enough my cough actually got a bit worse after my first couple of sessions (perhaps that was just due to the time of year?) but since then there has definitely been an upward curve of improvement. Some days I think it’s no better, but then I’ll wake up one morning and realise that I slept well the night before and didn’t cough at all. The last week or so has been the most noticeable, in fact a friend even remarked to me that he hadn’t heard me coughing as much as usual the last couple of times we’ve been out together. That was fantastic to hear and just confirms my suspicions that salt therapy is working for me.

Donna, West Midlands

After having the flu in December, I was left with a awful cough for weeks. I went through lots of different medicine but after my first salt therapy session I slept soundly and didn’t need to take cough medicine. My second session helped me even more since I felt so relived.


Cough, cough, cough- basically sums up my life. Year round with the exception of the odd week here or there I am plagued by a cough that I am seemingly destined to be with for ever. Or so I thought until I tried halotherapy. Giving it a go on the recommendation of a friend with Asthma, I have so far had around 15 sessions and I have to say that the results have honestly been nothing short of breathtaking (excuse the pun!). So much so that in the last couple of weeks more and more people have been noticing and commenting to me about my lack of coughing. I hadnt even realised but when I thought about it it suddenly occurred to me that it must have been nearly two weeks with barely a cough in sight. I couldnt believe it! I feel generally so much healthier, lively and energised too, I’ve changed nothing else in my life so I am certain that it is the salt therapy that is helping. Awesome!

Maddy, Nottingham

Since coming to the Salt Cave I feel in better shape, I have better sleep, and my breathing has improved vastly.

Samantha, Kenilworth

“I am still coughing but it seems less frequent having gone in for a batch of sessions at my local salt cave. Hopefully the improvements will keep coming as I keep going. The signs are good.”

Ellie, Cambridge

Salt therapy seems to slowly but surely be helping with my long standing cough and breathing issues. I have just signed up for another 5 sessions as I believe it is money well spent…..certainly better than the various other ‘alternative’ treatments I have wasted my hard earned on. A nice side effect is that my skin seems a lot clearer nowadays too.

Gaz, Coventry

My son treated me to a salt therapy session since I have really bad emphysema. The whole room was covered in salt. I relaxed in one of their comfy chairs and the lights were dimmed. The session was so relaxing and a few days later I noticed that my breathing was a lot better. I recommend salt therapy to anyone who suffers from breathing problems.

Grace L, Stoneleigh

I was constantly coughing! After being to the salt cave I felt such relief! Amazing! Such incredible results. I cannot begin to express how much this has helped me!

Sue Ward

My whole family have been attending Halotherapy sessions lately as part of a gift package we received for Christmas. Whilst everyone around me seems to have come down with coughs, colds, flu, etc, we all seem to be protected in a great big bubble of healthiness. I for one have not felt this good in a long time and I know my family feel the same. I urge everyone to give it a go, even if there’s nothing wrong with you, it really is the business.

Keenan, Peterborough

“My cough has seemed less persistent over the last few weeks, despite it usually affecting me very badly around this time of year. I attribute this to regular salt cave sessions and would not hesitate to recommend the therapy to anyone suffering similar issues.”

David, West Midlands

For years I’ve has asthma and bronchial spasms. I use 2 inhalers. However, within two weeks of Salt therapy – going twice a week – I have not had to use my inhalers. I never enjoyed going out for dinner because people would think I had a bad cold when I coughed. Not anymore, I feel amazing! This Salt Therapy has been a miracle for me.


I’ve spent years trying to find a natural remedy for my persistent, irritating cough. It’s something that has plagued me for years and every time I think that I’ve found a cure, it comes back with a vengeance. However, this time I’m genuinely hopeful. I’ve just finished my first batch of 5 sessions and I really do feel that salt cave therapy is working for me. My lungs and airways feel much calmer than usual and although I’m still coughing, the severe coughing fits that I’m prone to are definitely less frequent and also finish much sooner. I’m buying another batch of sessions and keeping my fingers very firmly crossed!

Parveen, Berkswell