Testimonials- Children

Testimonials from people who have used salt cave therapy for their children.

“My son (6yrs) has had 11 sessions now and not only is it helping his asthma but his congestion has totally cleared up! Great news!”

Claire C

5th September 2017

Salt cave therapy is something I’d been considering a while to help my young sons’s breathing issues. We’ve had 3 sessions at Little Himalaya in Kenilworth and I swear it’s helping him. Early days but I’m more hopeful now than I have been with any other supposed ‘treatments’ that we’ve tried in the past.

Hazel C, Leamington Spa

“Josh’s asthma symptoms have shown a small but noticeable improvement since visiting your salt rooms. Plus we love how relaxing the whole experience is which is a nice bonus. Will be telling my friends for sure.” – Visited Little Himalaya January 2017

Abigail, Kenilworth

This salt cave has tremendously helped my young boy. He has lots of conditions but the main one is asthma. This causes his lots of problems including difficulty in sleeping. After he experienced some salt therapy he had no breathing isssues at night! Due to this he hasn’t had to use any medication including his nebulizer. Caleb is now more responsive, energised and ver happy! I would recommend this to anyone. Caleb calls it his magic place!

Caitlin F

My two boys have been visiting the salt cave in Kenilworth for a few weeks now. I took them initially due to them both suffering from a persistent cough that was particularly bad over the Christmas period. Since then, they still cough from time to time but definitely less than before. Both of the boys are sleeping much better at night and just seem a fair bit healthier in general. Plus they both really just like going for their sessions and always look forward to them, which is great as they were nowhere near as keen at first!

Samantha, Wellesbourne

“My little girl was barely sleeping due to her terrible cough. I’ve accompanied her to the Little Himalaya salt cave for five sessions now and we are finally beginning to see some real effects- she had 2 good nights on the bounce now- that hasn’t happened for months.”

Pete, Stratford-Upon-Avon

My 5 year old grand daughter has been suffering from breathing issues for about a year now. We’ve tried quite a few so-called alternative therapies but nothing has come close to the benefits she derived from going to her local salt cave a few times. I saw her last weekend and she was running about and playing for hours without becoming tired, wheezy and out of breath. I was amazed.

Joanna, Banbury

Five sessions of salt therapy at Little Himalaya have helped my daughter’s Eczema for sure. It’s not gone by any means but her skin has a better appearance and she is complaining of itching less. We’ll be continuing to go.

Adam, Warwickshire

“My three year old has seen some tangible improvement to his Asthma since visiting your salt cave, I am sure we will return soon.” – Visited Little Himalaya December 2016

Matthew, Birmingham

“What can I say?! Your salt cave has been nothing short of miraculous for my son’s breathing. I’ve never seen him with so much energy, and he is sleeping soooo much better than before. Thank you so much!!” – Visited Little Himalaya January 2017

Hannah, Kenilworth

Since around the age of 3, Evan can’t go anywhere without his steroid inhaler. He has started to ask me recently why he needs it and why none of his friends have one. If we could be rid of it I would be so happy and so that is why I’ve been researching other possible treatments. Salt therapy has cropped up in the course of my research and I was amazed by the sheer number of testimonials from people claiming that it has benefited their Asthma- I must have read hundreds of them. I booked Evan in to my local salt room at Little Himalaya last week and I was delighted to be told that I could accompany him free of charge. The staff were very welcoming and helped to set the tone for the whole experience, which we both found to be extremely relaxing. I’ve never know Evan seem so quietly content before. It’s only been one session so far and I realise that its going to take a lot more to see the effects, but he very much enjoyed the experience and I swear he appeared to be less wheezy that evening. Fingers crossed but regardless I would thoroughly recommend the therapy.

Rachel, Nuneaton

I find the salt cave at Little Himalaya an effective way to relieve my son’s breathing difficulties. We’ve had a number of sessions there in the last few months and things have definitely improved. The number of ‘bad’ days that he has with his breathing has been gone down, which is brilliant. He seems to enjoy the sessions too thankfully!

Beatrice, Binley Woods