Testimonials- Headaches

Testimonials from people who have used salt therapy to help relieve headache issues.

“I feel that your salt cave is helping with my headaches. I have also noticed an improvement in other areas of my life such as sleeping and breathing more easily. I hope to return soon, thanks.” – Visited Little Himalaya January 2017

Alice, Leamington Spa

I have at least 2 or 3 fairly severe headaches per week, most of which really impact upon my work and personal life. During the course of my extensive online research in the hope of finding a solution, I came across an article on salt therapy (halotherapy) in which headaches were mentioned on a list of conditions that could possibly be helped. I looked into it a bit further and found a handful of testimonials from people suffering from headaches who claimed to have benefitted from this type of treatment. Having had a couple of sessions at Little Himalaya in Kenilworth, I am starting to see a difference. I’ve not had a headache for a few days now and it’s hard to explain but there just seems to be a lot less tension in my head. I’ve booked further sessions as I really want to see whether this therapy is going to be a difference in the long term, I sincerely hope that it will.

Harry, East Midlands

The salt room was incredibly relaxing, an experience like no other I’ve tried. It is actually quite hard to stay awake in there once you recline in the comfy chairs, start listening to the sounds of the ocean coming unobtrusively through the speakers, and begin breathing deeply (recommended for inhaling as much of the salt as possible). Whether it helps with my peristent headaches remains to be seen but it’s a “must try” experience for sure.

Angela, Rugby

‘No ipads, phones and other electronic devices allowed’. This is what the lady on reception told me when I arrived at my first salt therapy session. I was told it was because these devices might get damaged by the salt particles in the air but a definite additional benefit is that it really helps you to relax in the session. No bright, light-emitting distractions to disturb you while you lean back in the nice chairs, listening to the sounds of the sea. A perfect environment for chilling out and forgetting your worries, and I even think it’s helped lessen the severity of my frequent headaches too. Good stuff.

Ian, Warwick

Compared to other remedies, halotherapy has helped with my headaches somewhat. I also seem to have more energy.

Clement, Nottingham

A family member reported experiencing beneficial effects from this kind of treatment, for the same condition as me- bad headaches. I’ve had a number of sessions now and I’m pretty sure that the effects of the salt are real- my head feels a lot less ‘tight’ and I even seem to be breathing better too. I’ll leave a more comprehensive review once I’ve had several more sessions as it’s still early days and the effects could be placebo I guess, but the signs are encouraging nevertheless.

Adam, Derbyshire

I have been pleasantly surprised by my experience so far with salt therapy. The setting is extremely relaxing and de-stressing, I genuinely feel revitalised when I come out. I went originally to help with my constant headaches and fingers crossed they do seem marginally better. With further sessions I’ll know for sure whether the salt really is helping. I’ll definitely be telling friends and family about it because if nothing else it is a very enjoyable experience that should be tried by all.

Charlotte, Kenilworth