Testimonials- Ear Infection

Salt therapy can be used to help treat ear infections. Read testimonials from sufferers here.

After suffering with sinus problems, allergies and ear infections I knew I needed to do something. I’m so glad I chose salt therapy. It has helped me immensely.


Salt sessions have become a regular thing now. After a month there was no fluid in my childs ear. Speech had also improved and tube surgery is cancelled.

Caitlin F

I can honestly say that the symptoms from my ear infection improved after a couple of sessions at your salt cave. Thank you! – Visited Little Himalaya December 2016

Brenda, East Midlands

I have had many ear infections over the years and they seem to reoccur every few months without fail, always lasting over a week……sometimes up to a month. At the onset of my most recent bout, I decided to book in for a session of salt therapy- I’d read something in a local paper about the benefits a few weeks before hand, I just thought why not, even if it doesn’t help I can have a relaxing 45 minutes somewhere I’ve never experienced before. Well, I loved the session and the whole experience that much, that I went back 3 more times that week. My ear infection has not quite gone but it has definitely improved, it feels like the salt has stopped things getting as bad as they normally do. Plus there have been noticeable additional benefits- my skin feels clearer for a start and I’ve been sleeping fabulously all week. I now officially love salt therapy and will be going back for me even once my ear is better.  – Visited Little Himalaya December 2016

Garth, East Midlands

My latest ear infection cleared up a lot quicker than usual…….the only reason I can think of is that I’ve been regularly attending a salt cave recently. Can’t be sure of course but the salt certainly hasn’t hurt. Plus the sessions are incredibly invigorating and relaxing, I would go even if the salt gave me no other benefit.

Jo, Warwick

Had a great time in a new salt cave recently, like nothing else I’ve ever tried. Been struggling to shift an infection in my ear and had read some good things about this type of therapy. I gave it a go as they were offering free sessions and I’m glad I did. I actually went back on two further occasions in the same week and my ear has certainly been less painful since. I feel very calm during the sessions and it definitely helps take some of life’s everyday stresses away.

Andy, Coventry