Testimonials- Sinusitis

Read testimonials from people who have used salt cave therapy to help relieve symptoms of Sinusitis.

A childhood accident left me with terrible sinusitis that I have been unable to cure. I’ve been to the new salt cave in Warwickshire and hopefully I will start to see an improvement in my condition- so far, so good anyway.

Andrew, Banbury

After years of suffering with sinus problems, just 3 sessions of salt therapy and I am feeling the benefits, the results are amazing. My sense of smell is coming back and I have not used my nasal spray. My breathing is better and my eyes are less puffy. The whole experience is relaxing and very enjoyable. I most definitely recommend it.


“Finally something which actually helps my sinuses. Thanks Little Himalaya.”  – Visited December 2016

Amy, Oxford


Sinusitis is swelling of the sinuses, usually caused by an infection.

Last year my sinuses were worse than ever and over Christmas I decided to make a concerted effort to find a solution. My research took me into the unknown world of halotherapy, after looking into it a bit more I realised that a salt cave had just opened in my home town. I’ve only had a single session so far but the early signs are promising and I plan to keep going.

Millie, Kenilworth

Salt therapy has aided my sinus issues immeasurably. A friend told me about the salt cave she’s been visiting and I thought I may as well try it as nothing else seemed to be working. I’m so glad I did.

Chis, Leamington Spa

After coming to the salt room regularly I have noticed a difference in my sinuses. The mornings would usually be awful for me, waking up with a sore throat and a pain in my head down to sinus issues. Since experiencing salt therapy, all these problems have gone. I can also sleep much better. I would recommend anyone with the same problems as me to try going to a salt room.


I came over to the UK recently and the lady who was running the hotel that I was staying in told me all about this new therapy involving salt. I decided to try it and I feel that it has had some positive effects on my sinusitis. Also I seem to have more energy, and this is just after 2 sessions. I am now going to try and find a salt cave in my own country because I think it works.

Volkert, Amsterdam

I went to salt therapy as a favour to my friend- she wanted some company- and I really enjoyed it. I don’t suffer from any serious respiratory issues or anything like that but I couldn’t help but notice that my sinuses seem to have improved almost immediately. I’m not sure whether the effect will only be temporary but for me it definitely shows that the therapy can have beneficial effects.

Cass, Leamington Spa

I have found that the salt cave sessions have offered a worthwhile natural treatment for my sinusitis. My sinuses still aren’t perfect by any stretch, but this is the only remedy that has helped in recent times. I will be continuing to go for as long as it takes.

Tessa, Coventry