Massage treatments

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage – 25mins £25

This deeply relaxing treatment relieves back & muscle tension. Helping to break down knots & improve your flexibility. You will leave feeling relaxed & re-energised.

Full Body Massage – 50mins £50

A calming massage using a blend of oils, which works the whole body. This massage is tailored to the individual’s needs & treats all areas of the body most prone to stress & tension, such as the back, shoulders & neck, along with the upper & lower legs, arms & hands.

Himalayan Salt Hot Stone Massages

– Back, Neck and Shoulders – 25mins  £40
– Full Body Massage – 50mins  £60

Deeply relaxing massage using smooth, heated stones and a mixture of pre-blended aromatherapy oils. The warmth and weight of the stones provide a deeper, thoroughly relaxing massage. More than 80 trace minerals are contained in the Himalayan salt stones. During the treatment, these beneficial elements are absorbed into the body helping to replenish minerals.

LITTLE HIMALAYA BEAUTY ROOMS SPECIAL Indian-Style Head Massage incorporated with Salt Therapy – 30mins  £45

A truly unique therapeutic massage with the added benefit of salt therapy. This treatment is held inside a salt therapy room and is particularly helpful for those struggling with respiratory issues. Very fine salt particles are pushed into the air penetrating deep into the lungs, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli, helping to eliminate mucus and clear the respiratory system. A relaxing massage will be carried out, followed by a complimentary mini facial which specifically assists in unblocking and clearing sinus areas.

Making an appointment

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